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All about VietNam

Vietnam Overview

Vietnam is located in the southeast of IndochinesePeninsula and covers an area of more than 330,000 square kilometers (128,000 square miles). Vietnam’s topography is very diverse with mountains, hills, plains, coasts and continental shelf. Vietnam’s clima

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Vietnam History

Vietnam is worldwide known as the proud of long-lasting history country which is divided into four main periods. The first period dating back approximately 200,000 years ago was the Pre-historic era with the Stone Age and Bronze Age. Vietnam's Feudal era

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Vietnam Customs

Vietnam's customs are very multiform and plentiful in each period of time from the past until now. Each of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam has its distinct custom with many different traditional costumes and liturgies. But, they all contribute to a diverse cu

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Vietnam Religions

Vietnam is the rich culture country and has variety of religions. The earliest established religions in Vietnam are Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. Buddhism is the main religion as well as the most long-standing religion in Vietnam. First known in 16t

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Vietnam Art Performance

Vietnamese art has a long and rich history which is always retain many distinctively Vietnamese characteristics. Vietnam's traditional music has played an important role in the local life that expresses the innermost feelings, encourage, communicate and e

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