About Us

Mercury Travel is a Vietnam local tour company operating tours to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Mercury team has been working for years in Indochina tourism helping thousands travelers every month reaching their dream holiday in Asia.

With widely and deeply knowledge about our homeland, we provide fully from package tours to private tours for small group, family, couple, single travelers to business and educational tours. We are experts in designing the Tailor-made tours that match all your requirements, your travel budget and your travel style.

Come and see Vietnam to enjoy and discover her spectacular nature, the friendliness of the local inhabitants and relax in the comfort of world-class hotels on our package tours. It is also a good opportunity to strike up acquaintance with different people from all over the world. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and that it will inspire you to visit the fascinating Vietnam we offer. We are sure you will not be disappointed. It is our honor to welcome you during your travel


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Our company is legally registered as below:
› Company Name in Vietnamese:                                 Công Ty TNHH Thương Mại Dịch Vụ Mercury
› Business Licence number cum Tax number is:    0106131193 issued by The Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment.
› Our International Tour Operator Licence Number: 01-144/2013/TCDL-GPLHQT (Deposit of VND250,000.000), by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism(VNAT).
› Our tour leaders, tour guides are university degreed and fully licensed as International Tour guides. They always wear their licences while working.
› Our drivers are well selected and licensed for driving tour buses, tourist cars.
› Our contracted hotels are legally registered and fully operates under Vietnamese law.


How to arrange a wonderful holiday in Vietnam, stay away from hassle and tourist trap destinations, don’t have to spend days for researching and still save huge amount of money for your budget? The best solution for you is traveling with local tour operators who create and arrange your trip directly. Local tour operators like us get the best insider deals from local supplier (like hotels, cruises…) hence you will get those services with much cheaper price than publicly booking.

With Mercury Travel, we offer “Customized Tours” which designed suitably for you based on your own demand, travel styles and our expects’ consultation.  Join in these customized private tours you and your family will be treated like royal family everywhere by private vehicles, private tour guide and enjoy the priceless time in less traveled destinations.

Mercury Travel guarantees you high quality tour services. We take feedback from tourists seriously as the critical factor of our company’s survival. We totally understand that tourists are those who not only bring benefit to us and our country but also helping us advertising our country for its own development. We take absolutely responsibility, serious and professional business.


1. Make Your Dream Come True

We know that many tourists keep their dream vacation in mind for a long time. We work hard to make sure every single people in our tours are taken cared perfectly. We want all tourists traveling with us get attention and treatment like they are the most important guesses we ever had. By operating the company this way, we want the tourist traveling with us get the dream vacation they always dream of and beyond that.

2. Promoting Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to the world

Organizing tours going through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, we have a mission of creating great experiences to tourist and introducing these beautiful countries to the world. We understand our responsibility is creating the best images of the country and advertising it. By doing this, we contribute our little help for locals’ economy, improving living standards in minorities area and able to raise awareness to protect nature as well. Understand our responsibility to promoting these developing countries’ tourism, we are trying our best every day for that.

3. Sustainable and responsible tourism.

Sustainable tourism is to develop the industry without damage to the environment, economy and cultures of the locations that we visit. Moreover, to ensure that this development is a positive experience for local people, tour companies and tourists. With this understanding, we try very much to reduce the negative impacts of tourism while giving as much opportunity to the local people as possible, empowering them and enabling them to enjoy the fruits of tourism directly. Responsible tourism is the code of our business and we encourage our travelers to act responsibly. While enjoying your holiday, just simply observe and respect local culture and people, their way of life and environment. It enhances mutual understanding and brings us all to a higher status of joy. Sustainable and responsible tourism requires co-operation between concerned partners: local governments, local people, travel companies and tourists and it is just the understanding of these ideas:

4. Innovative way of travel

Tourists nowadays are confused by thousands of travel options on the internet. Not mention thousands of poor quality company as well; self-organizing trips could be a hard task to handle. Understand the difficulty of independent traveling; we want to create a unique easy way for travelers. Come with us, traveling has never been easier.

Our itineraries are built and designed with extensive study about you–where you go, what you see, how you travel and who you meet. It is the combination of between relaxing and great discoveries, adventure and comfort. Typical and unique are the attribute of each of our programs. Wherever you travel and stay, whatever you do, we try our best to help you to reveal all the hidden charms of Vietnam and to make your holiday unique.

Traveling with us, you get deeply in touch with people, through understanding and sharing. You will see things with vision, in depth. Your travel mate is now a family member, your host is now your friend – welcoming you to his home with rejoicing. Together we build a world where everyone knows each other, everyone is our friend; we share and live with understanding and friendship.