Thousand Dollars Worth Tips For Vietnam Holiday (Part 1)


We say these tips worth thousand dollars because these are insider information that you can not find it any where else. Wonder why we share? Very simple. We want you to have a great holiday in Vietnam.

Tip number 1: Consider following options to lower your travel cost.

Firstly, let me make it clear: the qualities of services are normally equivalent with the cost. By saying lower travel cost here I don’t mean you should book cheap tours because cheap tours, in fact, likely offer under expectation or mediocre services. What I mean is you being flexible in your travel plan so you can lower travel cost as much as possible yet still have great experiences. Therefore, here are few options that can help to decrease your travel cost:

1. Consider cheaper services yet still offer the same experiences
A clear example of this method is Vietnam domestic flights. There are 2 reliable airlines in Vietnam: Vietnam airline (deluxe airline) and Vietjet air (Inexpensive airline). For example: If you use 2 domestic flights in Vietnam: Hanoi – Danang and Danang – Ho Chi Minh. Then you can save up to at least USD 120 per person by simply fly with Vietjet air instead of Vietnam airline (Saving amount will vary from flight time and date). You can even lower flight cost by booking flights at early morning or night time, avoiding rush flight hours.

In this case Vietnam airlines services are better than Vietjet air’s services but Vietjet air’s services are good enough to use and worthy if you want to lower your cost. The same strategy can apply effectively on booking hotels and cruises in Vietnam. Don’t hesitate to ask your tour operator for a cheaper alternative accommodation if you feel the tour cost is too high.

2. Book early

You can be surprised how much you can save by simply book tour services, hotels early. Due to competitive business environment in Vietnam, many hotels, cruises offer great early bird promotion that you can take advantage of. On the contrary, the worst strategy is come to the place and search on foots for hotels and services. Trust me, you will get frustrated before you can find a good one and the price at that time might be more expensive. If it is possible, book your tour services 30 days or more before departure date, that is normal time to get promotion from hotels and cruises. If you book accommodation by yourself then you should call hotels, cruise companies you booked before your arrival date to confirm that your booking is surely confirmed on their system. If you book tour services, your normally will be required 30% of tour prices to deposit your booking and pay the balance in Vietnam or pay full before your arrival date (depend on specific tours).

3. Using group services

Mercury Travel’s tourists on Street foods tour

Yes, using private tours is the best way to enjoy your great holiday since you have your private car, private tour guide, deluxe services come along and high flexibility in tour (Such as: get early check-in, late check-out, upgrade to higher room types due to privileges of Tour operator from hotels…). However, private tours are more expensive than group tour so it is not for everyone. Using group tours or mix group tours with private tours in this case is a great idea. For example, you can save up to at least USD 50 by simply travel by tour bus to Ha Long Bay instead of private car (the amount of saving depend on cruises you travel on).

Another part of tours in Vietnam you can use this method to save money are cooking class and overnight at home stays with group. The reasons are cooking class is much more fun when you do it with group and if you don’t mind using home-stay services with other travellers from other countries (overnight at local’s house and travel in group) then it is actually a fun experience to try.

4. Organize your holiday logically 

Organizing holiday may sound simple to someone but if you don’t know your travel destinations well then it could be very tricky and cost you more money. For example, you plan to visit Sapa and Halong Bay in your holiday. If so, I recommend you go to Sapa before Ha Long Bay. Why? The reason is you will likely travel to Sapa by night train. Hence, on the day you get back to Hanoi from Sapa, you will arrive at Hanoi on early morning and go to Ha Long on the same morning. If you do so, you will save one night in Hanoi. By contrast, if you go to Ha Long Bay before Sapa then you will need to pay for 1 more night in Hanoi. A great way to have a logical itinerary is contact our support team, simply send us a request and you will get your personal itinerary within hours.

Another way to save cost is transfer between destinations at night and spend day time for tours. By this way you can save the amount of money that supposed to be spent for hotels that night. For example, from Hanoi to Sapa, Hanoi to Hue or Hue to Ho Chi Minh, you can take night train or night bus that usally depart at night and arrive on the next morning. The big drawback is your sleep that night won’t be as great as in hotel for sure. However, it is worthy to try if you really want to lower your travel cost and don’t might to spend your night on train or tour bus.

I’m sure there are more ways to save cost and we will keep posting more tips after. What do you think? Leave us a comment and share with eveyone so they can save their travel cost as well. More tips coming up in part 2.

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