Top 20 Vietnamese foods visitors need to try, Buzzfeed

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Buzzfeed, an American online social news and entertainment giant, has announced the list of top 20 Vietnamese Foods visitors need to try now.
The foods are selected by well-known Vietnamese-British cook Uyen Luu, who is the author of the famous cookbook “My Vietnamese Kitchen”.

Here are the top 20 Vietnamese dishes:

1. Phở Bò (beef Pho) and Phở Gà (chicken Pho)

 2. Bún bò Huế (Vietnamese Hue-style Beef Noodle Soup)


3. Cháo (Congee) 

4. Nem tươi (Summer rolls) 


5. Cá rô sốt xoài (Fried tilapia with mango)

6. Bò sốt vang (Beef Stew with noodle)

7. Mỳ xào bò (Stir fried noodles with beef)

8. Trứng hấp thịt (Egg pudding with minced pork and wood ear mushroom)

9. Miến Ngan (Chicken with mung bean noodle soup)

10. Bún riêu cua (Seafood noodle soup with tomato and tofu)

11. Bún thịt nướng (Grilled pork noodle salad)


12. Hủ tiếu (Southern noodle soup with pork and prawns)


13. Canh cá nấu chua (Sweet Sour Fish Soup)


14. Bánh bao (Steamed bun)


15. Crispy pork belly with Banh Hoi


16. Cá kho dừa (Caramelised fish in coconut water)


17. Nộm gà xé phay (Chicken salad with onion pickle)


18. Bánh Mì (Vietnamese bread)


19. Bánh cuốn nóng (Steam rice cake with pork, mushroom or chicken)

 20. Bánh xèo (Vietnamese crepes)

That’s this. Make sure you have time to try all this in your Vietnam holiday and there are still more great foods waiting for you.

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