Top 5 Destinations for a Day Trip from Ho Chi Minh City

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After you have explored Ho Chi Minh City as well as if you have an added day in your traveling schedule, brief field trip are a great option. Outside of the city, there are a number of areas where you could go to obtain away and experience a different atmosphere. Simply hours far from Ho Chi Minh City, you could discover coastlines, jungles, swamps, islands, rivers, towns, and a lot more. Whether you are taking a trip alone, with youngsters, or in a group, there is an unique experience near HCMC for every person! Below is our take on the Top 5 day journeys from Ho Chi Minh City.


Visit Mekong Delta for wonderful fresh environment and fun watercraft journey.

 The Mekong Delta is the abundant region south of Ho Chi Minh City where farmers grow most Vietnam’s supply of rice, durian, and also other fruits and also vegetables. The Mekong River, which starts at the Tibetan plateau, streams into a series of 9 little tributaries which finally empty into the sea. The delta area is the home of farmers as well as small company owners who live a loosened up pace of life.

This region is exceptionally vast, yet luckily it does not take too much time to actually obtain a feeling for the area. The waterways and canals in the delta are exactly what primarily attach one area to the following, so much of the exploration in the delta is centred around the waterways. A trip on a sampan watercraft (a type of canoe) down the backwaters is particularly enjoyable due to the fact that the surroundings are unbelievably relaxed and mystical.


Recognized as Monkey Island, Can Gio Island is in fact a collection of small islands just jutting out from the mainland near HCMC. During the Vietnam-American war, this location was drastically deforested by broker orange, resulting in a large decline of native plants as well as fauna. The communication in between the native crocodiles and monkeys could be fairly special; normally, these animals are this area’s main destination.

The monkeys right here are humorous at times, yet fairly naughty. They swipe anything from anybody if they can, as well as they take pleasure in ridiculing the neighborhood salt-water crocodiles. In the forest reserve, you can feed the crocodiles with eels or little snakes which may appear creepy however winds up being an interesting encounter. You can additionally fish for crabs, enjoy bats, as well as feed monkeys. Can Gio island is also an archaeological site, as the mangrove woodland was a crucial guerrilla base. Many life-size models are distributed throughout that reveal you a few of the activities that were carried out there throughout the war. Though there are beaches as well as a few coastline resorts there, they are not particularly significant. They could be worth a check out if you intend to relax as well as avoid the heat, however they are hardly the finest beaches that Vietnam has to offer. Make certain to take a lot of insect repellent and sun block, and take care not to have food or drinks as the monkeys could be attracted to snag them far from you.


Throughout the Vietnam-American War, the Viet Cong built a huge network of tunnels that were made use of as meeting factors, hiding areas, supply paths and also even more. The Viet Cong (north Vietnamese boxers) usually invested lots of days or weeks each time in the tunnels, talking with their large strength as well as perseverance. Not only were the tunnels elaborate, but the traps as well as special weapons that they made use of in combination with the tunnels were astoundingly ingenious. Ultimately, their ability to use the tunnels as a way to house troops as well as relocate items considerably added to the eventual withdrawal of American troops.

Today the Cu Chi Tunnels are a big traveler destination near Ho Chi Minh City. The passages are a great way to invest half a day understanding an important component of Vietnam’s history. They have constructed a stunning holy place in Tay Ninh near Cu Chi, which is likewise the major center for the faith.


Vung Tau has traditionally been a crucial sea port for Vietnam, especially throughout the French rule. It was likewise a strategic armed forces base during the Vietnam-American War. Surprisingly, Vung Tau was among the epicenters of the Indochina Refugee Crisis in the late 70s due to its access to the sea as well as its proximity to various other countries in South East Asia. This location was the launch factor for numerous of the ‘Vietnamese Boat People’, the regional residents that ran away to bordering nations after completion of the war. Despite its questionable history, nowadays Vung Tau is a tiny, yet busy, seaside community and a vital centre for Vietnam’s off coast oil drilling market.

Just 2 hours outside Ho Chi Minh City, lots of residents go to Vung Tau as a fast beach escape. If you have been to many worldwide beaches, the beach itself in Vung Tau may pale in contrast as it can typically be dirty as well as cluttered. That being claimed, Vung Tau is quite the enchanting community with lots of other tasks to fill your day besides a beach go to. There are tiny hills that border Vung Tau and are a quick trek up. If treking is not your thing, there is a gondola trip up the most significant hill for an excellent perspective of the bay. And also if you’re a food lover, Vung Tau is a fantastic place to try regional specializeds like ‘banh khot’ that can be hard ahead by somewhere else.


 Situated in the Vung Tau province, Ho Tram coastline is perhaps one of the finest beaches within close closeness of Saigon. The location where Ho Tram is situated was originally referred to as an asylum where the diseased would certainly be considered holistic therapy. Nowadays, it is simply a little angling as well as tourism town with excellent coastlines as well as quite couple of resorts. With strategies to create this currently underdeveloped location, many speculate that the Ho Tram area will certainly end up being the next Nha Trang. Recently, a Canadian growth business created the splendid resort The Grand Ho Tram Strip, a Vegas-style hotel as well as gambling establishment, the only one of its kind in Vietnam.

As an outcome, the Ho Tram coastline as well as nearby Ho Coc beach are immaculately tidy. If you are traveling with youngsters, this hotel on Ho Tram beach is a much safer selection because the coastlines in Vietnam are typically unmanned.

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