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About Hanoi

Hanoi is capital of Vietnam, situated in the Vietnam’s Red River delta, nearly 90 km away from the coastal area. Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam which is perhaps Asia’s most graceful, atmospheric and exotic capital city with showcasing weeping boulevards, tree-fringed lake and ancient pagoda.

It’s an energetic city on the move, and it often seems Hanoi ambitious citizens are determined to make up for lost time. Hanoi is suitable for all of visitors: couple, family, single and group for relaxing. Come to Hanoi, visitors are not only know about the nature, history and culture but also the life of people in Hanoi.

When to go?

There are four seasons in Hanoi but you can visit Hanoi at any time of year, each has particular beauties. However, end of September to November and March to May is the best time. Ha Noi is the most beautiful and romantic in autumn.

How to get there?

Center of Hanoi City is the Old Quarter, about 32km from Noibai airport and it takes 45- 60 minute to get there.

Ÿ Private Car: Email Mercury Travel or call us to arrange private car picking up at the air port and drop off at Hanoi Center (We recommend private car to make sure tourists get transfer safely, smoothly and stay away from any possible scams or disturbing services)

Ÿ Taxi: Taxi to Hanoi center takes around 45minute, price 450.000 VND/4seats taxi

Move in Hanoi

Ÿ Cyclo: In Vietnamese means “Xich lo” a bike which was redesigned so tourist seat at front and the rider will take you around city for sightseeing. This is an exciting experience and a good way to visit center of Hanoi.

Ÿ Electric-car: Electric-car is the safest, cheapest and most convenient way to travel in Hanoi. You can buy a ticket for 45 minute driving around the city with only about 2$. You can buy tickets at one of three main ticket offices: at Dong Xuan market (at Dong Xuan Street), Hoan Kiem Lake and at Tran Quoc pagoda at Thanh Nien Street.

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