Phu Quoc Island

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Phu Quoc island is a very mountainous and densely forested Island of 1320 sq km; it is 48 km in length from south to north.

Blessed with white-sand beaches and with large tracts still cloaked in dense, tropical jungle, Phu Quoc quickly changed from a sleepy island backwater to a must-visit beach escape for Western expats and sun-seeking tourists. Beyond the resorts lining Long Beach, it’s still largely undeveloped, so there’s ample room for exploration and escaping. Dive the reefs, kayak in the bays, eat up the back-road miles on a motorbike, or just live the life of a lotus eater by lounging on the beach, indulging in a massage and dining on fresh seafood.

Despite development, much of this island is still protected since becoming a national park in 2001. Phu Quoc National Park covers close to 70% of the island, an area of 31,422 hectares.

The most valuable crop in Phu Quoc is black pepper, but the islanders here have traditionally earned their living from the sea. Phu Quoc is also famed across Vietnam for its production of high-quality fish sauce (nuoc mam).

The island is also well-known for its hunting dogs. Muscular and energetic, they are said to be able to pick up their master’s scent from over 1km awa. Unfortunately, the dogs have decimated much of the island’s wildlife.

How to get there?

By plane: You can fly to the Duong Dong airport, Phu Quoc Island from Ho Chi Minh City on about five daily Vietnam Airlines flights or Flights directly from Hanoi.

Move around

  • Bicycle and motor bike are the most pleasant and convenient way to move around town and the main beach areas but because of the conditions of most roads it is advisable to stick around town!
  • Taxi/Private Car would be the most comfortable way to tour the island especially if you are a small group or family.

When to go?

Weather in Phu Quoc island is hot and good to visit all year around. However, the best time to visit Phu Quoc is during the period between the end of October to the end of February, when the daily temperature is about 27 – 31 C and 24 – 26 C at night, water temperature is 28 – 30 C and the humidity is at its lowest throughout the year, the sky is blue and the sea is calm.

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